What people say about us

“…I’ve had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages”


I have to say it really helped her to sleep better and with the nursery to be more relaxed at making friends – which is great!

– Mary-Lou (for G, aged 3)

H got up this morning and said “that thing actually worked. I’ve had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages.

– Zo (for H, aged 12)

Well being Children Hertfordshire

I am a first time user of these downloads and wasn’t really sure what to expect. I have been incredibly impressed. The purchase and download process was simple and easy. Within minutes, the downloads were being played. I downloaded onto my PC and then transferred onto an iPad. I bought 3 and they play happily on a loop – I just set them running and they carry on until I stop them. The sounds are beautiful and I really enjoy having them running in the background of our busy family life. I can honestly say that they seem to have made a difference. I would highly recommend giving them a go.

Michelle (for D, aged 14 and N, aged 11)

My 11 year old son and I listened to the tapes during one if his bouts of insomnia. Not only did it help him get back to sleep, I have noticed certain shifts in each of us; he seems more at peace and confident and I have felt more centered in a way that has allowed me to focus on deep healing. I felt block in this area, and suddenly it is gone. My son was initially resistant to the whole idea, but since the recording sounded so much like a noise machine that he normally falls asleep to, he accepted it. It would be difficult to attribute the shift in him to a placebo effect since he was resistant to begin with! I’m very happy to have discovered this product…another successful tool in the parenting tool chest!

– Katie (for son, aged 11)


I’m really enjoying the Mind-Detox… my heart is happy. I’m actually recovering a sense of fun.

– Aida

Listened to “Calm and Relaxed” last night. Woke up this morning feeling lighter and more hopeful. Thank you for your work.

– Anon.

Emotional Health Hertfordshire

I hadn’t slept for ages and as a last resort put on your “Calm and Relaxed”. I lay there for 5 mins listening to the waves and thought “this can’t possibly work”… The next thing I knew, it was morning…

– Bex

As an adult who is a continual worrier I thought I’d try this and found to my amazement, even within a short time, I actually feel less inclined to give any time to issues that I might normally! I think it’s working! Thanks Saleema!

– Christine

Thank you so much… I have received wonderful support and resources here.



Saleema is a wonderful human being full of wisdom but more importantly love and compassion. She shares the struggles of mums around the world and has developed this amazing system which, after using it regularly for different situations and targeting different needs within our household, truly does what it says on the tin.

We’ve particularly had results with the calm & relaxed downloads around bedtime as it’s easy to see results – the kids nodding off during stressful times… I’ve also seen improvements during self doubt periods and friendship issues. I cannot recommend these enough and the bonus is you feel like you are doing something right as a parent!

– Annelize (Mum of S, age 10 and A, 8)

I had the pleasure of meeting Saleema at a Children’s workshop and was really impressed with all of Papalona’s downloads – they cover lots of key areas to help with both children’s and adults’ emotional well-being. We have been listening to a number of Papalona’s downloads at night and they definitely help us feel calmer, fall asleep faster and have improved our sleep. My daughter loves all the nature sounds and always reminds me to play them before bed.

– Tracy (Mum of daughter E, age 7)

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