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“We see the world, not as it is, but as we are “


Beliefs shape our experiences

Someone who is confident will respond very differently to criticism than someone lacking in self-esteem. 

We all unconsciously gather these beliefs throughout our lives, particularly in childhood and store them in our subconscious.  There, they form the foundation for our emotional well-being. 

Our children are bombarded with messages about themselves on the tv, social media or by their friends. Even the best parents will unwittingly send negative messages to their children from time to time. Simply spending too long on your phone may be interpreted as “I’m not important” or saying “hurry up, I need to get to work” is heard as “there’s never enough time for me”.  

So if we want our kids to have a happy life, to be confident and resilient, and to make friends easily then we need to do our best to ensure that their beliefs and perceptions are coherent with those attitudes.   

As a parent – it can be hard to know where to begin or what to say to combat those negative messages that you might not even know your child is receiving.   

Adults facing issues in their lives, may spend time with a counsellor or therapist trying to establish and then change these core beliefs, often with limited success.

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I have been incredibly impressed.  ..I bought 3 and they play happily on a loop – I just set them running and they carry on until I stop them. The sounds are beautiful and I really enjoy having them running in the background of our busy family life. I can honestly say that they seem to have made a difference.  I would highly recommend giving them a go” (Michelle (for D age 14 and N age 11)

We can help

Playing our recording helps re-balance those messages to ones that support wellbeing and can help even avoid problems in the first place.

No one can talk directly to the subconscious mind in normal waking state, but Papalona’s downloads take advantage of the brain’s natural cycles in sleep and throughout the day to deliver positive and affirming messages to the listener’s subconscious to build a healthier foundation –  without any effort on their part.

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“It became part of my daughter’s routine whilst she read at bedtime, and we continued to do it for a few weeks.  Without even noticing the worry became less and it got to a stage where my daughter was really positive and confident all in a matter of weeks.” (Emma for E aged 9)

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Remember – it’s not just for kids.  You can use them too!   There’s no age limit to our recordings and they are just as beneficial for adults as for children.

As an adult who is a continual worrier I thought I’d try this and found to my amazement, even within a short time, I actually feel less inclined to give any time to issues that I might normally!”  Christine. 

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