I was really impressed with all of Papalona’s downloads – they cover lots of key areas to help with both children and adult’s emotional wellbeing”. Tracy

Either stream directly from our membership site or if purchased, just download the MP3 to your laptop and then sync to your tablet or phone.

Play them regularly in the background to the entire family whilst going to sleep/ or sleeping or otherwise going about your day – especially when relaxing.  

(They’re very soothing so no playing them when driving, in the bath or when concentration is otherwise essential please).

There’s no hard and fast rule, but the more you can use them, the more you can ensure that the positive messages are being reinforced in the subconscious.   Put them on when you feel guided. Repetition is important.

Yes. Absolutely. Papalona simply takes advantage of the natural brainwave states to help establish positive beliefs for a happy and healthy future. We are committed to our ethos– so all our suggestions are designed to promote and support their positive growth and wellbeing.

The statements contained in the recordings for children are specially crafted to be as simple as possible, using language that the children will learn very early on and the subconscious responds to easily.

Our audios are designed to be soothing. Repeatedly listening to those statements could be very boring for the listener. We would rather you played them often so that your family can get maximum benefit from the tracks and so have therefore placed them at such a level that they are not readily audible to the conscious mind, but are heard and remembered by the subconscious.

Do try them out yourself. As you listen to the recordings your feelings will align with the suggestions contained in the audio leaving you feel more peaceful, relaxed and happier.

Moreover the mind is amazing and sounds can conjure up memories in an instant. By using nature sounds in our audios, we’re ensuring that everytime your child is out in nature listening to the waves at the beach or the birdsong in the forest, those same neural pathways that are being formed when they listen to our tracks, will be re-ignited thereby strengthening those positive messages now held in their subconscious mind

To find out more, take a look at our How It Works page

Give it a few sessions but we suspect you’ll see good results early on.  The nature sounds are designed to be soothing in their own right but we’ve found that listeners respond well to the subconscious affirmations after only just a few listens – although many report immediate results.  Undoubtedly repetition helps though and the more the downloads are played, the more the affirmations become embedded in the subconscious mind for long-lasting results.

Yes.  It really can.  We love that there are so many resources available to support mental health nowadays and there are lots of fabulous therapists doing great work.   But sometimes talking about our problems over and over is unnecessary or even unhelpful. 

Our happiness is ultimately dependent on our beliefs – and they live in our subconscious.  Change those beliefs, and you change your state of mind.  Sometimes for adults especially, those beliefs can be very deeply ingrained and our subconscious minds will want to hang on to them.  In those cases,  we can do with some extra help. But our children don’t have the same level of programming and making those changes now is easier and leads to a much greater, lasting sense of wellbeing.  

And even if you are suffering from some very ingrained issues, playing our recordings will help open the subconscious mind to change so that even if the recordings can’t shift the issues on their own, they’ll help make that change more quickly.  

No.  Whilst we all want to protect our children from the harsh realities of the world, the reality is that we can’t stop life from happening – and we’re not trying to.  Rather we want to help your child to have the strongest beliefs about themselves to enable to them to meet life’s challenges in a healthy, positive and resilient manner – to give them the best chance for happiness and success.

Not really.  

The affirmations contained in the tracks are deliberately designed to be as simple as possible which means that a child with very limited language abilities can absorb them.  We’re seeing great results in children as young as 3. Frankly it’s hard to measure it any earlier.  There is anecdotal evidence that not only does the subconscious remember everything it hears, but after the child learns language, it goes back and translates those memories – which all means that you certainly can’t do any harm by playing them from a very early age.  In fact, we would say the earlier the better.  If your child grows up with beliefs that support good mental health then a lot of the typical problems that come from negative messaging won’t arise because the subconscious mind will ignore them. 

Not at all.  Our oldest client (that we know of) is 89!

Children of all ages and adults are experiencing great results.  In fact, as children get older they are more and more exposed to negative messages on social media and the news. Not only can it be difficult to know what they’re hearing but it often becomes harder to talk to them about it.  Our tracks are designed to make it easier for you as well as for them.

We’re pretty sure that if you’re interested in Papalona, you’re already a kind and loving parent and working hard to make sure your child knows just how special they are.  Trouble is, you can’t police everything about their lives and you simply don’t know what messages they’re absorbing from the tv in the background, whilst scrolling through TikTok, chatting with their peers or even from you.. . Frankly it’s exhausting trying to fathom it all out or knowing how to  begin to deal with it.  

Papalona gives you peace of mind.  You can know that whatever else is going on in their lives, you are strengthening those core beliefs and giving them the better chances for happiness, success and lifelong emotional well-being. 

After all, we all need a little extra help, don’t we?