Download the MP3s to your laptop, tablet or phone and  play regularly:

  1. to your children whilst they are napping, feeding or otherwise occupied; or
  2. for you when you can ensure that you are not disturbed including before you go to sleep.

It depends on you and your own circumstances. There is no hard and fast rule.  For babies and children, we would suggest playing them frequently to ensure that you access the alpha and theta brainwave states as much as possible throughout their sleep and waking time and that repeated suggestions are embedded in the subconscious. Put them on when you feel guided.  At night when you put your wee one down to sleep or as you try to get them back down to sleep after a feed. The noise will often help soothe your child.  At nap time; whilst feeding. Use your intuition, and go with what feels good for you and your child.

Again for adults, we recommend listening to them daily if possible for as long as you feel the need. Repetition is key.

Yes. Absolutely. Papalona simply takes advantage of the natural brainwave states to help establish positive beliefs for a happy and healthy future. We are committed to our ethos– so all our suggestions are designed to promote and support their positive growth and wellbeing.

The statements contained in the recordings for children are specially crafted to be as simple as possible, using language that the children will learn very early on. The positive statements found in each recording are provided with each purchase.

Repeatedly listening to those statements could be very boring for an adult playing them in the background to their children. We want you to find the audios soothing. We would rather you played them often so that your child (and you) can get maximum benefit from the recordings. We have therefore placed them on the audio track at such a level that they are not readily audible to the conscious mind, but are heard and remembered by the subconscious.

Do try them out yourself. As you listen to the recordings with you child, your feelings will align with the suggestions contained in the download, leaving you feel more peaceful, relaxed and happier.

We have also used nature sounds where possible. The mind is amazing, and sounds can conjure up memories in an instant. Creating downloads which use nature sounds mean that every time your child listens to the sound of the sea, or hears the sounds of nature, their subconscious mind will make the link to the recordings and recall and reaffirm those positive suggestions

The sounds used in the background of the downloads are specially chosen for its relaxing and hypnotic quality and should imbue a sense of peace and tranquillity.  Children may be soothed by the music regardless of the affirmations contained in the downloads.  The effect of the children’s downloads will become more pronounced as your child grows.  In terms of the adult downloads, you should feel better after the first play, but as with all downloads, we recommend repeated use for best and long-term effects.

No. Whilst we all want to protect our children from the harsh realities of the world but it is obviously not realistic. At Papalona, we design downloads that help provide children with tools to best deal with the challenges that they will naturally face in life in the healthiest and most resilient way possible.

No. They are specifically designed for children who are just mastering language but the positive statements are simple but powerful. Anyone listening to the recording will benefit.

In certain situations, adults and older children will benefit from other recordings designed to help overcome a particular issue. The subliminal recordings are designed to lay positive foundations for life. Obviously, someone who already has a core belief which causes a problem (like “I feel guilty for going out to work”) will need help in removing that particular belief an replacing it with a more life-enhancing view.

We’re pretty sure that if you’re interested in Papalona, you’re already a kind and loving and working hard to give your child the best start in every area.   Trouble is, you can’t police everything about their lives and you simply don’t know how they are absorbing what’s going on around them. Too long on  an important call  might be interpreted as “I’m not important” a “sshhh I’m speaking” could become “they don’t want to listen to me”, “Your brother’s good at maths” might be misinterpreted as “and I’m not”. Frankly, it’s exhausting what the mind can come up with … and of course, who knows what they’re hearing at the nursery or in the playground.

Papalona gives you peace of mind, knowing that whatever else is going on in their lives, you are strengthening those core beliefs for lifelong well-being. After all, we all need a little extra help, don’t we?