“Saleema is a wonderful human being full of wisdom but more importantly love and compassion.  She shares the struggles of mums around the world and has developed this amazing system which, after using it regularly for different situations and targeting different needs within our household – truly does what it says on the tin.”  Annelize, mum of 2.

As a mum of 2, I know how hard it is to watch our children struggle with friendships, confidence and all of life’s challenges – particularly when they are constantly bombarded by messages on the tv, social media and in the playground about how they are simply not enough.    How do we begin to counteract all of that? 

As a successful clinical hypnotherapist I have spent over 14 years studying the mind and the impact our beliefs have on our health and wellbeing.  And I’m struck by how simple it can be to quickly effect lasting transformation.  

My mission has always been to help people change their beliefs and empower them to live their best, happiest lives.  I want that for my family and for yours. 

As a lawyer for over 25 years (including several as a partner in the city) I want tools that make my life easier, not more complicated.   I don’t have time to mess about.

And I demand proof that they work.

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At Papalona, we believe that all loving parents share certain core desires for their children. We want them to be happy and healthy, to be confident without being arrogant, to be compassionate and kind, to be resilient when life presents its challenges, to be curious about life and learning.

Our mission is to help you embed those beliefs into your children’s psyche and redress any negative messages they’ve absorbed from them world, so that they can have a positive and healthy attitude to life, whatever it may bring:

simply, easily and with minimum effort

And we want the same for you. 

Because at Papalona, we believe everybody deserves good mental health.