Supporting your entire family’s mental health – easily and effectively

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Do you want to give your child the best chance of happiness and success?

Are you worried about their anxiety levels, confidence, anger or general mental health?

Do you feel powerless to counteract the millions of messages they get every day from the tv, social media and their friends?

Before you lose anymore sleep or spend vast amounts of time and money on therapists – try our play-at-home tracks.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have been incredibly impressed. ..I bought 3 and they play happily on a loop – I just set them running and they carry on until I stop them. The sounds are beautiful and I really enjoy having them running in the background of our busy family life. I can honestly say that they seem to have made a difference. I would highly recommend giving them a go” (Michelle (for D age 14 and N age 11)

“It’s easy to see results… I cannot recommend these enough and the bonus is you feel like you are doing something right as a parent!” (Annelize, Mum of S aged 10 and A, 8)

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Our audios are easy to use but highly effective.

Just play them in the background whilst they’re falling asleep or going about their day and allow the positive affirmations to sink into their subconscious without any effort – so that their core beliefs about themselves and the world are ones that support good mental health.

What I loved most about,  is it just sounds like calming music that you can play anywhere and the affirmations are in the background… it’s the best purchase I have made.  My daughter is a different person!  Thank you Papalona the audios are truly amazing!” Emma (mum to E 8)

Now in over 16,000 schools throughout the UK

Papalona is proud to support:

The Harry Kane Foundation

Bounce Forward, and

Herts Schools Outreach

How it Works

Someone who is confident will respond very differently to criticism than someone lacking in self-esteem.

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Supporting your families’ mental health – easily and effectively.

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